Abstrakt – Ibrahim H. Diken

Naturalistic Teaching Process for Inclusive Education:

A Free of Access Professional Development Program for Early Childhood Professionals/Educators

Ibrahim H. Diken

Inclusive education for students with special needs is among the subjects of great importance around the world. With the increase in the importance and support given to inclusive classrooms, the need for natural instructional processes, which include effective and practical strategies that early childhood professionals/educators can use has emerged especially in preschool inclusive practices. For this reason, in order for inclusive practices to be successful, there is a great need of professional development practices that practically explain and show how early childhood professionals/educators can teach during their daily school routines, activities and transitions. This presentation will focus on naturalistic teaching practices for early childhood professionals/educators by introducing a free of access web-based professional development program, (www.naturalisticteaching.com) as part of an EU ERASMUS+ supported project.