Eva Pavlová

    Eva Pavlová accepted patronage of the conference.

    The EURLYAID Early Childhood Intervention conference will be opened in-person by Mrs. Eva Pavlová, who also took over the patronage of the entire event. Supporting families who find themselves in extremely challenging life situations after birth of a child with disability or serious illness is one of the topics she wants to address during her tenure as First Lady. “Every child deserves to enter life with the best possible prospects for their future. We live in such an advanced society that it seems unfathomable that families of children who are born with a handicap or serious illness have to wait months before receiving assistance, or that they haven’t even heard about such possibility. That’s why I’m truly happy that this conference includes a discussion forum, which will be attended by representatives of Ministries, representatives of the Government Council, professional platforms, and representatives from among the parents,” says Eva Pavlová.