Gabriela Drastichová

Světluška (Firefly)

    It was impossible to leave the EURLYAID 2023 conference without being moved by all the emotions. Touched by the immense strength of families who didn’t give up and are caring lovingly for their son or daughter with disabilities. Appreciation for all the lay experts and industry professionals who make up the early childhood intervention support network, because every minute counts and every meaningful relationship can make a difference. Frustration over how, after more than thirty years of operation, providers of early childhood intervention still have to deal with non-systemic funding, client waiting lists, and closed doors where they should naturally be open. Hope that the solo actors in the child disability care system will understand the necessity for collaboration, and will create the conditions to achieve it.

    For more than twenty years, Světluška has been supporting families caring for children with severe visual impairments, so that parents can expand their community of friends, peers, and professionals who accompany them on their journey. We also support early childhood intervention providers to have greater certainty in their funding, enabling them to have more space for professional and compassionate work within families, and to build those much-needed bridges.