Abstract – Manfred Pretis

The International Classification of Functionning, Health and Disability (ICF) as a common language for professionals and parents in Early Childhood Intervention

Manfred Pretis

In line with the UN-Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability the ICF (WHO 2002) highlights the importance of 1) a common language between all involved members of a “team around the family” (including parents), 2) an ability focused and holistic approach when describing the complex situation of children with developmental difficulties and 3) intervention planning based on “participation goals”.

The keynote summarizes conceptual approaches and empirical findings regarding implementation processes of ICF in European (legislative) and operative contexts, e.g. to which extent parents involvement and inclusive strategies can be strengthened by using ICF. Strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threads concerning ICF implementation in Early Childhood Intervention in diverse European contexts are discussed within the context of current EU projects (www.icf-inclusion.net, www.icf-plan.eu, www.icf-implement.net)



Manfred Pretis, Jitka Barlová, Terezie Hradilková (2019). Raná péče. Pasparta