Ana Maria Serrano & Noor van Loen

Associate Professor - Institute of Education (IE), integrated researcher at the Center of Research in Child Studies (CIEC), University of Minho, Portugal & EURLYAID treasurer

Ana Maria Serrano 
Associate Professor – Institute of Education (IE), integrated researcher
at the Center of Research in Child Studies (CIEC), University of Minho, Portugal
Has a degree in Psychology from the University of Coimbra. Holds a master’s degree in Early
Intervention from the University of Cincinnati, USA, as a Fulbright Scholar, and a PhD in Child
Studies, area of Special Education from the Institute for Child Studies at the University of
Professor in the field of Special Education, Director of the Masters in Special Education, Head
of the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education and a member of the
National Association for Early Intervention (ANIP). Also developed a Master’s program in ECI in
2000 at the University of Minho, one of the first Master’s program for training ECI
professionals in Portugal.
President of the European Association for Early Intervention –EURLYAID. Member of the Board
of Directors of the International Society of Early Childhood Intervention.
She is part of the SNIPI (National Early Intervention System) North Subcommittee’s Supervision

Noor van Loen

In 1988 I became a member of the Dutch parent organisation BOSK and since 1994 representative on their behalf within Eurlyaid.  Bosk was one of the founders of Eurlyaid. Bosk as it was does not exist anymore since 2018.

Since October 2012 I am a Eurlyaid board member and treasurer since march 2014.

In 1988 a masters in social work. My professional life I have worked as social worker and manager:

Within Dutch probation for people with addictions for 10 years, in an organization for social work, a child rehabilitation center, and the last 20 years before retiring in 2018 in the field of probation.  The last 15 years with special attention for people with cognitive disabilities. Three years as coordinator for the 3 northern provinces in Holland developing a specific method for suspects and victims of domestic violence.

As parent representative I initiated and participated in:

  • Dutch BOSK-Eurlyaid Conference 2006 and within that conference the start of a Dutch national project on Early Intervention
  • Over the years I have been member of several national- and regional project-steering committees on ECI
  • Participated in research projects
  • Taught at universities for students neuro-psychology, students physiotherapy and early interventionists,  in their training to become specialists for children and their families.
  • Was co-author and editor for a book ( in Dutch) on hemiplegia, published by BOSK in 2005
  • Presented at (inter)national conferences, meetings and gave workshops.


My son was my teacher. A good one.

I continue to advocate and work to sustain cooperation between families and professionals and  stimulate ongoing European- and international cooperation: we owe it to children, their families and our societies.