Barbora Vágnerová

Nadace rodiny Vlčkových

    We thank the entire team of Společnost pro ranou péči for organizing this world-class EURLYAID conference, and especially Jitka Barlová for her work on the entire conference and the selection of immensely beneficial topics. Several moments touched us deeply, and we learned a lot of new information while also having the opportunity to speak with colleagues and meet other amazing people devoted to their profession.

    The Vlčkových Family Foundation is very pleased to have supported the whole section on paediatric palliative care, which was exceptionally well-prepared by Jitka Kosíková. Our thanks go to all the speakers, who, through the use of case studies, provided insights into the specifics of their work and, most importantly, raised awareness about the situations of families whose child has a life-limiting or life-threatening illness.