Terezie Hradilková

    She studied special education at the Charles University in Prague. Professional career works in social services. From 1989 to 2010, she devoted herself to the establishment and development of the early intervention field social service, where she worked as a consultant, methodologist and later director of a national organization of early intervention for families of visually impaired children. She participated in the first national analysis of the situation of early intervention in the Czech Republic. With a team of co-authors, she published the publication Practice and methods of early intervention in the Czech Republic, where she summarized the current practice and expertise of the social model of early care operated in the Czech Republic. She participated in the establishment of the Association of Early Intervention Workers in the Czech Republic and was active in the establishment of early intervention centers in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Kosovo. Since 2010, he has been dealing with the system and management of changes in social services, specifically deinstitutionalization. She is the chairwoman of the umbrella organization Jednota pro deinstitucionalizaci. She worked in the project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the National Center for Transformation Support and in the project of the MHMP, Transformation of the system of care for Prague citizens. She was appointed a member of the Government Committee for Persons with Disabilities by the Prime Minister in 2022. She received an ASHOKA personal scholarship.